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Health Center of Yongjing Township of Changhua County  

Historical background

 The Health Station was established in August, 1949 and operated out of borrowed offices on Yungching St. in Yungtung village that belonged to the rural township government. The Health Station was under the jurisdiction of the then-Taichung County Health Bureau . In March, 1950, clinic services began and the Health Station succeeded in obtaining a large supply of medicine and equipment donated by the U.S. , improving its service base. At the same time , it also expanded and promoted m aternal and child health care, school h ealth , h ealth education, environmental sanitation , made improvements in disease and malaria control , medical and pharmacy administration, and continued to work on trachoma prevention and DPT i mmunization . Later, in view of concrete needs, in 1953 a 1,512 sq. ft. office was built on Tungmen Rd., in Yungtung village and was finished and in use by February 1954. In October of that same year , a public health mobile station in Chutzu village was planned and created that expanded the scope of operations, penetrating deeply into the township and villages promoting its work. In 1974 , the Health Station was put under the Changhua County Health Bureau and later, because of the requirements of the work, in 1985 , new offices and physician housing were built at the current location of 91 Hsihsing Rd. in Yunghsi village on land that had been set aside free of charge by the rural township government.

Over the past 50 years, beginning with Hu Wan-li , we have had a succession of directors—Liu Chuan-chih, Chiuwei He-ching, Lai Chi-shu, Chen Chun-hsiung, Wang Chin-chu, Huang Kuang-hou, Liao Wen-lin and our current director Tsai Cheng-chiao —who have all worked to their utmost to lay a good foundation. This was especially true beginning in 1992 with the introduction of “group practice ” that focused on specific social groups. This approach has brought excellent health care service to the people living in the township. Our current director, Tsai Cheng-chiao, has received excellent marks from township residents for his experienced and profound medical skill and his free and easy, friendly and conscientious attitude.

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